While On the Subject of Denial

My biggest hurdle on removing Diet Coke is the substitutions — thirst and caffeine substitutes.

If I could manage tea, problem would be solved. But I cannot stomach green or black tea in any amounts.

I do drink water, copious amounts. I like water, but when I’m out, unfiltered tap water is not very delicious. Nor do they ever give me enough. Little cups of water doesn’t satisfy. Even the small water bottles are just a swallow. I admit to being a two-fisted drinker when I go out: water AND Diet Coke, and refills for both.

I drink quite a bit.

I do love the texture of carbonation, and have focused on my substitute treat is Pellegrino sparkling water (with a squeeze of lemon). Occasionally I can drink Izze, a new discovery for me, but that is a lot of carbohydrates in one small bottle. Even though it’s fruit, too much fructose does havoc on my blood sugar.

I used to drink some herbal teas that contain no caffeine or black tea, so I’m trying that route again.

I’ll have to make sure I have a nice, large, insulated water bottle to keep with me on the go.

Coffee (half or less caffeine) in the morning and perhaps a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Any other suggestions? Recommendations for a stainless steel water bottle that is insulated, large wide opening, and holds a lot?

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10 thoughts on “While On the Subject of Denial

  1. I feel for you, but your body will feel better and you’ll be taking care of yourself! We don’t drink Soda’s, but we do buy carbonated waters (They have some in a can, I forget what brand). I also like to buy peach tea bags, and lemon zinger flavor tea bags. We usually add some honey to it, but not always. If it is cold (ice tea) then I find I don’t need the honey. I have a 2pm-ish chocolate craving every day and then again at night. I’m trying to fight it and find that an alternative like sweet strawberries usually can do the trick. That and a little prayer! I hope all goes well. Here’s to our health!

  2. Hi,

    So glad you are taking all of these steps to improve your health. I had a long addiction to diet coke, too. It was horrible getting off of it, but when I finally did, I felt so much better. I haven’t had any in two years. Now I drink Paris tea from Haney and Sons, Tazo rest tea (tastes like roses) and water I have steeped in grated organic ginger with a squeeze of tangerine or orange.

  3. WOW! Good for you, Jen! I drink Diet Coke AND coffee. Yikes!! I try to limit the caffeine, but I know that’s not the only bad part of drinking those kinds of drinks. I love flavor. It is especially hard for me to drink plain water in the winter when it’s so cold. But these posts have encouraged me. I should take some (baby) steps. Lent is only 3 weeks away :-) But I think I will try to be more aware of what I’m drinking (and the amount) beginning today …

    And, yes, there is flavored carbonated waters available in a can. La Croix or something like that???

  4. I am a diet coke and water drinker…when I am out, too. I drink water, then diet coke, then refill water…go cup on diet coke. I do force myself to continually refill the water and drink…I guess it makes me feel better about my diet coke habit. I also use this arbonne fizzy tab in the am a lot. It is a pick me up (not like the type of energy drink you see in the store); actually pretty refreshing — awake but not buzzed like caffeine can give you. I need to pull it out again. just some more ideas…. Carla Filla

  5. I love the fizz of Coke Zero. It makes me happy; settles my tummy; tastes good. You name it. I got a couple of bottles of kombucha to try (didn’t like ginger, preferred original). I think I’m going to try making it pretty soon here because I’m committed to staying off the coke, too.

  6. Jenn

    if you want something beside water, how about fresh juices? We watched a fascinating show last night, “Fat, sick and nearly Dead”


    The producer was so sick, fat and heading towards death rapidly, he went to America (he was an Aussie) and crossed a state juicing and talking as he went. So interesting the people he met on his way. Very well done movie, cute little graphics in places.

  7. I really like sparkling water mixed with IKEAs elderflower cordial. The cordial is sugary, but because it is heavily diluted it doesn’t taste too sweet and one bottle goes a long way. I don’t know whether you have an IKEA near you? I think they also do a lingonberry cordial, but I haven’t tried that one.

  8. My solution is a little like Kathryn’s. I like to mix sparkling water with a little juice. That way I control the amount of sugar. I add just enough juice to flavor the water so that it’s got the same satisfying fizz as an Izze but much less sugar. My favorite right now is buying a small bottle of cranberry-pomegranate and adding a little to my fizzy water. One small bottle of juice usually will last through several big bottles of water. It is refreshing and has the bubbly texture I crave.

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