You Might be a Homeschooling Mom if…

you save all sorts of empty jars and egg cartons for the insect catches of the day and the nature finds to display.

I’m always analyzing empty jars, trying to decide if the size is good for catching bugs.

Problem is, where do I keep all these supplies?

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3 thoughts on “You Might be a Homeschooling Mom if…

    • I agree; I do this periodically. I’m frustrated I didn’t save enough egg shells for the tomatoes, and right now I have loads of TP and paper towel rolls to collar my seedlings. Can’t wait to stop saving those!

      But egg cartons make great playthings, too. Instant walls for the Lego and Playmobil guys. G was acting out The Golden Fleece and the egg cartons came in handy.

  1. My kids love egg cartons! I recently bought a larger batch of eggs that came with a clear covering. I’m thinking this will make an excellent sorting tray for beads and other fine motor skills practice.

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