It’s been a busy summer. I’m sad to see it almost end. I did want to update my my prayer request from back in May. I was contemplating being a catechist for the Level II atrium in the local Catholic Montessori school, and my boys would attend while I was there.

I think dh and I lost a month and half of life on that decision. It was agonizing.

But we have decided that it’s too soon to take up a job, even if part-time and even if I’m still with my boys. And we’re not comfortable changing our schooling approach at such a late time for our oldest. He’s going to be entering fourth grade this fall. We’ve mostly used Charlotte Mason approach in our education, and the shift to Montessori elementary environment seemed very huge. We are surrounded by books here, and that classroom was not. Of course he could learn in a different manner, but I’ve seen how well he responds to our approach, so why fix something that isn’t broken?

I have had many confirmations that this was the right decision for our family at this time. At some time it might work for me to be a catechist, but for now, this was too much of a change and too much to take on for our family.

So, Deo Gratias, and thank you all for the prayers!

I am quite relieved, actually. I love homeschooling!

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