St. Andrew’s Day — Christmas Anticipation Prayer Begins!

All the blogs I follow are mentioning their favorite Christmas novena, which begins today, November 30, Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, and ends on Christmas. Sometimes it is referred to as the “St. Andrew Novena” or “St. Andrew Chaplet” but it’s really a Christmas Anticipation Prayer that many people pray 15 times a day every day until Christmas.

My friend Maryan remembers where she first learned of the prayer, and it was the same for me. The influence of Seton School continues long after you leave those hallowed walls!

Michele shared a printout of the prayer so you can post it all over the house.

Years ago many friend bloggers put the novena prayer on their sidebars, as a reminder for visitors to pray it through the day. I’ve decided to renew that practice, and put it in my sidebar.

I was so inspired by my lovely St. Andrew Chaplet made by Betsy of Immaculata Designs, that I decided it might be a good thing for my boys to have something similar, so they could keep track of 15 for their novena prayer. Perhaps they won’t use it, but it was enjoyable to make this together.


I followed the basic instructions for the St. Therese Sacrifice Beads. I wanted them to be able to slide the bead and it keeps the place, in case they are interrupted. I used old Cebelia DMC 5 cotton thread (which size is discontinued), purple pony beads, and various medals and crucifixes I have around the house (mostly broken from old rosaries).

IMG_1537So while my Advent plans aren’t done, we had a little crafty morning on time with the Liturgical Season! Happy feast of St. Andrew!

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