Coloring the Saints

Thank you so much for your kind comments and prayers. My recovery is coming slowly. I’m still out of breath and tired, but I’m making small progress every day.

I’m squeezing this review in between rests.

1 solemnity of marysmallFor my oldest son, coloring pages were a waste of time. He wasn’t interested. I have printed out so many over the years, bookmarked sites, bought coloring books, but I couldn’t seem to ignite any interest.

But my younger son, age 5, is a coloring phenomenon. He is just so happy and calmer if he has coloring in his day. So now it’s not a waste of time or money to spend on coloring pages. The other bonus is younger son’s coloring inspires his older brother!

I signed up for the Liturgical Year coloring Book by Mary MacArthur. The cost is $29, but she is drawing a coloring page for every feast day on the US General Roman Calendar, and also is adding a few Anglican saints.

The pictures are delightful. You can preview some of the pages on her website. Today we listened to the readings of the day from the podcast of USCCB during breakfast and colored St. Paul afterwards. For January there were 21 pages we had to color, all truly delightful.

Mary sends a .pdf file at the beginning of the month to print all the pages. To make things easier, she will only send subscriptions at the beginning of the month, so if you sign up in January, your first month will be February. See more details here.

I’m a fan of all the free coloring pages I can find and I like to add to the variety (and Charlotte’s are one of my favorites), but for ease of use and organization (of which I lack here) and pages for every feast, I’m so happy to have this resource!

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6 thoughts on “Coloring the Saints

  1. Thanks so much for your colouring page links. I was sorry to hear about your health – certainly sounds challenging…but sounds like you are coping and improving day by day. May God keep you close!

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