Quick Paschal Candle 2013

This is an update to last year’s Quick Paschal Candle design. Also note you can find another beautiful version by Juan José, thanks to Evann at Homeschool Goodies, even more beautiful than mine.

paschalcandle2013 mini

This is a .pdf version of the candle design. Print in color, and cut, leaving the amount you need to wrap around the candle. Either tape, or cover with Contact paper or use ModgePodge over the image to apply to the candle. Make sure to extinguish the candle when it gets close to the paper.

Below is the .jpg file of the image below. Click on it to view the full image and save to your computer. Adjust the printer to landscape and whatever size you need the image to print, since there are smaller and larger candles to cover.






I share my printables for free and I hope you enjoy them. A small donation of a few dollars can help me continue to create and share my work for free. Thank you for your generosity!

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