Annunciation Coloring Pages

The Solemnity of the Annunciation USUALLY is celebrated on March 25, but this year because it fell during Holy Week and no feast supersedes Holy Week nor the Easter Octave, the Solemnity will be Monday, April 8.

Annunciation Coloring Page
From Crusade, No. 12, 1955 by the Maryknoll Sisters

Annunciation Coloring Page2
From The Hail Mary by Society of Saint Paul, 1952

Annunciation Coloring Page
From We Love God: Ordered Activities in Religion by Sister Mary Francine, S.S.C., Illustrated by Jeanne Dekan.

Annunciation Coloring Page3
From The Rosary Color Book, drawings by Ettore Fattori, Copyright 1949 by Catechetical Guild.

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