Yarn Along


The Weekend Shawl is growing slowly. It’s a mindless pattern, but doesn’t photograph well on the circulars. I’m almost to the last section “Sunday Lace.” I’ve been keeping busy organizing and I haven’t figured how to knit during the process. I love how it feels and drapes, and can’t wait to finish and block to see it. I do love this yarn, Ultra Pima Fine. I need to make a shawl in this yarn for me!

I’m reading Life in God’s Presence by a Carthusian. Just a small and simple book, what I need with all the heart stuff. I’m seeing how I have such fear of acceptance and lack of trust, so I offer those feelings to God. Staying in and being aware of His Presence all through the day is really helpful in coping with my daily life.

I have some thoughts to share and posts in the works, but this is all the time I have for now.

Join Ginny for more Yarn Along.

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11 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I hope your shawl wraps you up like our Blessed Mother’s love. I do love that blue. Did you order the yarn online? I am frustrated with my yarns of late.

    • I won’t approve your second comment!

      Thanks! I did order the yarn online. I originally used the Ultra Pima which is DK weight for a few projects and just loved it, and this is my 2nd with the Ultra Pima Fine which I had to order online because my LYS didn’t have it. I have used Webs and Jimmy Beans so far. But I tend to want to see things in person first.

      I’ve got a big mistake which is bugging me, but it will just be for my humility. I’m not frogging back so much. The important thing is to get it done for my friend!

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