Lent for Children A Thought a Day

I share my printables for no cost and I hope you enjoy them. A small donation of a few dollars can help me continue to create and share my work for free. Thank you for your generosity!

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NOTE for 2014: See this post for the updated Daily Display for 2014.

I finally am able to post my special surprise. Without a functioning scanner it has taken me longer than I had hoped.

One of the most popular hits of my blog are the Stations of the Cross for Children. We use these almost daily throughout Lent. The meditations are thoughtful, and don’t talk down to a child. As an adult I find the prayers meditative and helpful. I happen to have the companion booklet for these Stations, called Lent for Children: A Thought a Day, and will be using it with my son this Lent. I have been saving it until he was reading and close to receiving his First Communion.

I created the booklet similar to the Stations, although a bit wider, so I would recommend cutting/trimming the bottom, but you don’t need to trim the sides of the booklet. I had hoped to track down color versions of most of the pictures, but could not find them in the short time frame. And without a scanner, these are photos of the pictures, very imperfect. Please drop me an email if you see any errors so I can update the files.
LENT FOR CHILDREN one page view (horizontal or landscape form)

LENT FOR CHILDREN paginated (to print in booklet form)
PLEASE NOTE: I am sharing my hard work freely. You are free to download this booklet for private use, but do not try to sell it or host it on your site. Just link to this page. Thank you for your consideration.

Our plan: I will print out a little booklet for my son to read and have, but also will use an flip-chart easel presentation with clear pages (using something similar to Cardinal 09260 Horizontal Easel Ring Binder, 8-1/2 x 11 Sheets, 1in Rings, Black). Each day will have a picture and a quote from one of the Mass readings of the day, and then the other side will have the text from Lent for Children so he can have a visual reminder to repeat the aspirations throughout the day.

(Note for 2014: I have updated the Lent for Children Daily Display complete

We are looking forward to having these daily meditations and thoughts to help keep our Lenten focus.

God bless you during this holy season of Lent!

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21 thoughts on “Lent for Children A Thought a Day

  1. Thank you for your wonderful resources and ideas! FYI – I noticed that the formatting on your ScribD versions of the Stations of the Cross shifted some of the text to the next page.

  2. We are really being blessed with these meditations this Lent, Jennifer! The combination of Scripture reflecting the liturgical readings, beautiful pictures, and short but important thoughts are perfect for the entire family. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for these resources. We are not catholic, but strive to find Christ in the midst of this season. To have beautiful works of art alongside the Word and encouragement/exhortation has really helped us to set aside a moment each day to focus, pray, and believe. Blessings to you!

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  6. Thank you for sharing. My children are young but I will still use these during lent for myself and for them. Your blog is a blessing. Thank you.

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